WingRiders introduction

Decentralized exchanges based on automated market makers (AMM) have become the standard and the most convenient way to exchange crypto tokens. The majority of these DEX’s were built on top of account-based blockchains like Ethereum, of which the flagship is Uniswap. Cardano’s eUTxO model brings exciting benefits that address some of the shortcomings of DEX's on other blockchains with consistent fees and formally verified deterministic behavior.

WingRiders is a decentralized exchange ecosystem based on AMM that builds on top of the solid foundations of the Cardano network. Our goal is to create a trusted platform that enables users to exchange native Cardano tokens in a truly decentralized fashion with no intermediaries or single points of failure.

We aimed at a modular approach to support as many wallets and other decentralized applications as possible. Our target is to become an infrastructure solution that enables and augments other projects as well.

From the beginning, we have defined and followed our stepping stones and values when building this product. The guarantees that WingRiders is committed to providing include:

  • Affordability - Cardano fees are much smaller than on other ecosystems like Ethereum.

  • Anonymity - Anyone with ADA can interact with the WingRiders smart contract. We impose no other requirements in order to be as anonymous as Cardano is.

  • Reliability - Anyone whose order was not fulfilled by the deadline specified in the request can easily reclaim it.

  • Security - Code will be thoroughly audited, and its critical parts will be open source.

  • Simplicity - The development team and designers are going through many iterations and collected lots of feedback to make sure the WingRiders platform is easy to use and user friendly.

  • Trust - Nobody has a higher priority, and everyone is equal. Anyone can verify that requests were fulfilled in the order they were submitted onto the Cardano blockchain.

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