Reclaiming requests

Reclaiming is a process where a user withdraws a request that wasn't carried out before the specified deadline. There are multiple possible scenarios where the request might not get fulfilled, specifically:

  • The acceptable slippage was set too low when creating the request. Agents always respect the parameters set in the requests and if it's not possible to carry out a request given the parameters, the request is not executed.

  • User-specified deadline is short and expires too soon or the network is congested and the transaction is not accepted in time as a result.

Funds locked in requests are always 100% safe and can be easily reclaimed using the WingRiders UI after the deadline has expired.


You can reclaim your requests in your list of Pending transactions in the Transactions tab.

After clicking on the Reclaim button, a Confirm reclaim window shows up, where you can review the reclaim. Once you are ready, click Confirm. Afterwards, you will be prompted by your connected wallet to sign the transaction (example from Nami Wallet, interface may differ in other wallets).

After successfully signing the transaction, WingRiders will inform you about a successful reclaim request submission. You can track progress of your request in the Transactions tab, either by clicking Transaction list in the message window or you can click Transactions in the top right corner. When confirmed, you will see the transaction in the Completed tab of the Transactions section.

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