This section briefly explains the WingRiders portfolio page (https://app.wingriders.com/portfolio)

WingRiders portfolio is divided into 3 main sections - overview of tokens in your wallet, overview of your farming positions, and overview of your liquidity positions.

Wallet Overview

The wallet overview page provides a comprehensive overview of all tokens in your wallet (excluding LPTs). You can see the price development of each token (price is calculated from ADA/token pool on WingRiders), the amount of tokens in your wallet, and their value.

The pie chart on the left shows the distribution of the total ADA value of tokens in your wallet.

Farming Overview

On the farming overview page, you can see detailed information about your farming positions. This includes your earned farming rewards (total or in the last 30 days), estimated farming rewards for this epoch, and WRTs deposited or not deposited in boosting vault.

The bar chart on the right displays total ADA value of your earned farming rewards in each epoch (one bar equals to one epoch). If you hover over a bar, you can see the breakdown of rewards per regular and boosting rewards.

ADA value of each token earned as a farming reward is calculated based on the exchange rate in the ADA/token pool on WingRiders at the end of the epoch for which the rewards were awarded.

Liquidity Overview

The Liquidity Overview page offers a detailed breakdown of your liquidity positions. Here, you can view the total value of the liquidity you have provided, as well as your unrealized and realized Profit and Loss (PnL). For more information on PnL, please refer here. On WingRiders, PnL is calculated using the average cost model.

The chart on the right illustrates the value of your provided liquidity in ADA over time. The value of your Liquidity Pool Tokens (LPTs) may fluctuate due to additions or removals of liquidity, or when there are changes in the exchange rate within the pool, leading to impermanent loss.

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