Trading volume competition

The first competition on WingRiders DEX aims for frequent traders. We are going to reward the TOP 100 traders in terms of overall trading volume on our DEX during epochs 359 and 360 with 30,000 WRT tokens.

What counts into the trading volume?

The overall volume of trading in ADA (swaps including ADA in the pair).

How to participate?

There is no need to actively “register” into the competition. Just swap inside a pool containing ADA.

How long does the competition last?

This trading volume competition lasts for 2 whole epochs. It means the start of the competition is on Aug 23 at 21:44:51 UTC (the start of epoch 359) and the end on Sep 2 at 21:44:50 UTC (the end of epoch 360).

How are the 30,000 WRT tokens going to be distributed?

The reward is tied to the wallet user has traded with. The distribution of rewards per rank is displayed in the table below.



3,500 WRT


2,500 WRT


1,500 WRT


1,000 WRT


800 WRT


600 WRT


500 WRT


350 WRT


250 WRT


200 WRT


170 WRT


100 WRT


80 WRT


60 WRT

In the case of multiple users having the same amount of traded volume, all the rewards for their respective ranks are shared equally between them.

Where to find the current and final results?

There is a section dedicated to competitions on our DEX under the Gain option in the menu called Competitions. You will find there all the current competitions and in the future also the results of those run in the past. A simple leaderboard is prepared to reflect users' ranks, how much they have traded in this competition and what reward belongs to each rank. This leaderboard gets updated once per hour during the competition (always at the 45-minute mark, though a small delay may occur).

The final results will be available within an hour after the competition ends.

Rewards delivery date

Rewards will be distributed to the winners approximately within 5 days after the end of the competition. They will be sent directly to the winning wallets displayed on the leaderboard.

Terms and conditions

Legal terms and conditions for this competition can be found in this document.

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