Boosting Vault

Boosting is one of the utility functions for the WRT token. More utility functions, like governance voting, will be added. By depositing your WRT tokens in the Boosting Vault you can increase your yields in farms.

How does it work?

Farms could have both yield rewards and additional boosting rewards. So you can think of boosting rewards as extra rewards on top of the regular rewards you would receive from a farm. Farms with boosting rewards will be flagged by having the lightning bolt symbol displayed along with the amount of boosting rewards for that farm.

The boosting rewards for a farm are allocated to farmers based on their effective liquidity in corresponding liquidity pools, just like regular farming. The maximum amount of boosting rewards you are eligible for is a sum of these rewards for all the farms you take part in.

What kind of rewards?

Currently WRTs. The maximum amount of rewards you would be eligible for is dependent on your deposits in farms with boosting rewards. The amount of rewards you may get from Boosting depends on the amount of WRTs you deposit to the Boosting Vault and is calculated using a curve function (see below). You can see this under the Boost/Manage button on the graph view. If you deposit more WRTs in Boosting Vault than the amount that yields maximum eligible boosting rewards, you won't receive more than this maximum amount.​

What do you need to boost?

First, you need to have some liquidity in a farm with boosting rewards. Then you have to deposit your preferred amount of WRTs to the Boosting Vault. Once you’ll have your WRTs deposited for at least one whole epoch, you will start gaining rewards - just like in the case of gaining yield rewards based on effective liquidity. The amount you deposit depends solely on your preference. An amount that gains you maximum boosting reward in the next epoch will be displayed in the dialog window. Depositing more than the calculated maximum will not increase your rewards any further.

How does depositing WRTs work?

You can select a point on a graph or input a number of WRTs you’d like to deposit. By default you will see a graph displaying the function that calculates how many rewards you receive with the number of WRTs you deposit (if you can see no curve in the graph, this may mean that you have no liquidity in any farm with boosting rewards). You can also simply press the MAX button to get an estimate of your next epoch Boosting rewards with all the current WRTs you hold. This graph is interactive and works like a slider and whenever you click on the green curve it will display how many deposited WRTs and estimated rewards that point represents.

Manual view - If you’d prefer a more exact input option, you can input a precise number of WRTs you would like to deposit. Be aware that if you already have some amount deposited, by lowering the amount you will withdraw, by increasing you will deposit. In the information below you will find all important numbers concerning the boosting.

Boosting rewards will be calculated after the epoch and returned to the Boosting Vault after the following epoch. There is also the auto-compounding boosting effect which automatically adds your gained boosting WRT rewards to the Boosting Vault, increasing your effective WRTs in the current epoch.

How do you get your boosting rewards?

The boosting rewards will be added to your Boosting Vault to maximize your future rewards. This is done automatically for your convenience. The deposited WRT is auto-compounding, meaning the gained rewards will contribute to the effective boost in the current epoch. If you choose that you want to withdraw your rewards, simply decrease the amount of deposited tokens to your previous amount.

Boosting is in the Beta version, what does this mean?

Boosting is fully functional, but we wanted to make it available to the community, gather feedback and do adjustments before finalizing. The parameters and the curve function could still change significantly. There are also other aspects (like First Rider tokens), that are not yet included in the Beta. We are also looking for community feedback. Let us know if you have any comments and feedback. We value your opinion, so feel free to contact us on our Discord channel.

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